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60"H Dragonfly Rose Floor Lamp

138109m - 60H Dragonfly Rose Floor Lamp

Retail Price: $720.00
Your price: $576.00

63.5" Colonial Tulip Floor Lamp

11070m - 63.5 Colonial Tulip Floor Lamp

Retail Price: $671.00
Your price: $536.40

63"H Tiffany Rosebush Floor Lamp

30368m - 63H Tiffany Rosebush Floor Lamp

Retail Price: $901.00
Your price: $721.80

63"H Pinecone Floor Lamp

103185m - 63H Pinecone Floor Lamp

Retail Price: $1,128.00
Your price: $901.80

65"H Tiffany Jeweled Peacock Floor Lamp

27561m - 65H Tiffany Jeweled Peacock Floor Lamp

Retail Price: $734.00
Your price: $586.80

60"H Tiffany Honey Locust Floor Lamp

31113m - 60H Tiffany Honey Locust Floor Lamp

Retail Price: $1,109.00
Your price: $887.40

70"H Ausband Turbine Floor Lamp

162941m - 70H Ausband Turbine Floor Lamp

Retail Price: $2,250.00
Your price: $1,800.00

70"H Tiffany Edwardian Bridge Arm Floor Lamp

65842m - 70H Tiffany Edwardian Bridge Arm Floor Lamp

Retail Price: $817.00
Your price: $653.40

63"H Loon Floor Lamp

69274m - 63H Loon Floor Lamp

Retail Price: $898.00
Your price: $718.20

63"H Ramus Floor Lamp

172409m - 63H Ramus Floor Lamp

Retail Price: $3,713.00
Your price: $2,970.00

72"H Clarice Floor Lamp

157182m - 72H Clarice Floor Lamp

Retail Price: $4,050.00
Your price: $3,240.00

64"H Mission Prime Torchiere

172177m - 64H Mission Prime Torchiere

Retail Price: $900.00
Your price: $720.00

62.5"H Baroque Floor Lamp

124841m - 62.5H Baroque Floor Lamp

Retail Price: $698.00
Your price: $558.00

72"H Lone Deer 2 Lt Floor Lamp

137587m - 72H Lone Deer 2 Lt Floor Lamp

Retail Price: $1,688.00
Your price: $1,289.80

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View All Floor Lamps

Floor lamps add beauty, charm and eloquence to any room in your home.  They are probably the most versatile lamps on the market and an inexpensive way to change the look of a room. Floor lamps are available in many smashing colors and designs, from stained glass Tiffany style floor lamps  - Contemporary floor lamps at the best prices - Rustic Lodge floor lamps. Create a focal point. View all floor lamps.

Add The Perfect Finishing Touch To Your Decor - Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are available in many styles and themes to complement your décor. This would include: Dragonfly Tiffany floor lamps, Rustic Lodge floor lamps, Mission stained glass floor lamps, Contemporary, and more. Decorating with stained glass makes a smashing accent in any room. Is it a Tiffany lamp original?

Create a balance of light between different fixtures such as Tiffany style stained glass floor lamps, torchiere floor lamps, Tiffany style lamps, Tiffany stained glass wall sconces, or Tiffany hanging lamps so that the light is spread evenly and flows in between rooms.

To best layer the light sources, you first need to survey the space and determine: What are the areas where tasks will be performed? What is the focal point of the room? The room may actually require 400 Watts of total illumination (The amount of illumination that you will need is based upon this formula: Length X Width X 1.5.) but you don't want to get that all from one fixture. 

A great starting point is to consider any dark spaces in your lighting scheme, in other words, start in places that need the most light. Floor lamps are usually used for task lighting. The light shines downward and is most commonly used for reading. This is where Tiffany floor lamps would fit right in. Not only do they light the dark area, but also give it a splash of color. The shades of  Meyda Tiffany floor lamps allows the light to shine through casting beautiful colorful lighting.

Torchiere Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are designed with shades that either direct the light down or up. Floor lamps torchiere cast the light upwards, and are a great addition to any decor where existing overhead lighting is not sufficient, and a more indirect light is desired. Torchieres are used as ambient lighting or mood lighting. Originally candelabras, the torchiere gives a distinct look to any room when lit. Available in many styles and themes, a torchiere is a decorative accessory in its own right.

Bridge Arm Floor Lamps

Bridge Arm floor lamps are mostly used for reading or could be placed by a desk.

To learn more about floor lamps go to:  Selection - Tiffany floor lamps best prices, Energy-Saving -  CFL's for stained glass lamps, Sizing and Placing - Stained glass Tiffany style floor lamps, and Use of Colors - Tiffany table lamps color, and Floor Lamps - One Easy Way to Inexpensively Change the Look of Your Room.

We, at Smashing Stained Glass are dedicated to providing our customers with helpful lighting information, the finest quality floor lamps at the best prices, unparalleled customer service, support to ensure total and complete satisfaction with every purchase.
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We will pay all shipping, handling, and insurance costs for you on your order of floor lamps.

Your Guide to Understanding How Meyda Tiffany Measures Floor Lamps

    You may also want to search for a specific style or theme of floor lamp. Browse floor lamps.

For more information go to: Floor Lamps - One Easy Way to Inexpensively Change the Look of Your Room.

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