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Tiffany Style Stained Glass Lamps

25"H Cleopatra Table Lamp

119679m - 25H Cleopatra Table Lamp

Retail Price: $463.50
Your price: $275.40

24"H Handel Dogwood Table Lamp

98010m - 24H Handel Dogwood Table Lamp

Retail Price: $393.75
Your price: $315.00

19.5"H Black Eyed Susan Table Lamp

139609m - 19.5H Black Eyed Susan Table Lamp

Retail Price: $623.00
Your price: $498.60

27"H Tiffany Jeweled Peacock Table Lamp

27562m - 27H Tiffany Jeweled Peacock Table Lamp

Retail Price: $717.75
Your price: $574.20

32"H Tiffany Hanginghead Dragonfly Table Lamp

31112m - 32H Tiffany Hanginghead Dragonfly Table Lamp

Retail Price: $1,287.00
Your price: $1,029.60

25"H Iris Hex Lighted Base Table Lamp

50808m - 25H Iris Hex Lighted Base Table Lamp

Retail Price: $574.00
Your price: $459.00

25"H Tiffany Peacock Feather Table Lamp

26666m - 25H Tiffany Peacock Feather Table Lamp

Retail Price: $756.00
Your price: $604.80

26"H Dublin Table Lamp

77763m - 26H Dublin Table Lamp

Retail Price: $855.00
Your price: $684.00

26"H Middleton Table Lamp

144901m - 26H Middleton Table Lamp

Retail Price: $639.00
Your price: $511.20

22"H Martini Mission Table Lamp

27855m - 22H Martini Mission Table Lamp

Retail Price: $338.00
Your price: $270.00

31"H Rococo Table Lamp

81723m - 31H Rococo Table Lamp

Retail Price: $1,450.00
Your price: $1,159.20

19"H Tiffany Rosebush Table Lamp

28406m - 19H Tiffany Rosebush Table Lamp

Retail Price: $396.00
Your price: $316.80

24"H Sweet Pea Table Lamp

48622m - 24H Sweet Pea Table Lamp

Retail Price: $772.00
Your price: $617.40

28"H Aello Table Lamp

134536m - 28H Aello Table Lamp

Retail Price: $540.00
Your price: $432.00

29"H Tulip Accent Lamp

26609m - 29H Tulip Accent Lamp

Retail Price: $518.00
Your price: $414.00

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 Stained glass can fit into any color scheme.

 With so many choices decorating with Tiffany style table lamps in your home or office is made easy.  Tiffany stained glass patterns range from simple to increasingly complex.

Eloquent Tiffany style table lamps and Tiffany style floor lamps tastefully add color and light to any decor. Raising the favorable impression a person gets upon entering a room. The same upgrade in status occurs in an office setting, without being pretentious. Stained glass table lamps are a Great Gift for the discriminating man who likes beauty and color in his surroundings.

These Tiffany style lamps are crafted using the copperfoil method invented by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the  Nineteenth Century.

Aside from their categorization as a table lamp, Tiffany floor lamp, or novelty stained glass table lamps, every Tiffany stained glass pattern lamp we sell at Smashing Stained Glass is made by using the copperfoil method. Browse Tiffany style table lamps.

What is The Copperfoil Method used in Tiffany Style Lamps?

First a pattern for the lamp is drawn out on a heavy piece of cardboard. Next a number and glass color is written on the pattern piece. After the pattern is drawn and labeled, the glass is laid over it and traced. Once the pattern is traced onto the glass, the pieces can be cut and ground to their correct shape. Next the pieces need to be cleaned so the copperfoil can be applied to the edges.

The copperfoil solution allows the pieces to adhere together. After the lamp has been placed accordingly and it is fully bonded, the edges need to be soldered together for a firm hold. After the Tiffany style lamp has been soldered it is cleaned to bring out the beauty of its Tiffany stained glass pattern.

This care used in the handcrafting our lamps can make these Tiffany style lamps family heirlooms. Stained glass stands up to many years of use, as seen in the cathedral windows in Europe. Some are almost 1,000 years old.

We, at Smashing Stained Glass are dedicated to providing our customers with helpful lighting information, the finest quality table lamps at the best prices, unparalleled customer service, support to ensure total and complete satisfaction with every purchase.
Please feel free to: Contact us by email or call us @ Phone Number: 763-350-0293763-350-0293

We, at Smashing Stained Glass, will pay shipping, handling, and insurance costs for you on your order of Tiffany style lamps.

For more information go to:  How to Use, Choose & Buy Table Lamps

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