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Tiffany Pool Table Lights

Buy Tiffany pool table lights at Smashing Stained Glass. The selection is outstanding.  Have the coolest pool room in the neighborhood.
There are basically only two shapes: the oblong and the multi-shade on a bar, but many styles.

39"L Porsche Island/Billiard Oblong Pendant

102131m - 39L Porsche Island/Billiard Oblong Pendant

Retail Price: $2,891.00
Your price: $2,313.00

40"L Cheers Island/Billiard Oblong Pendant

28687m - 40L Cheers Island/Billiard Oblong Pendant

Retail Price: $3,263.00
Your price: $2,610.00

39"L Pinecone Mission Island/Billiard Oblong Pendant

16689m - 39L Pinecone Mission Island/Billiard Oblong Pendant

Retail Price: $1,520.00
Your price: $1,216.80

37"L Burgundy Billiard 2 Lt Island Pendant

50676m - 37L Burgundy Billiard 2 Lt Island Pendant

Retail Price: $662.00
Your price: $529.20

39"L Personalized Elvis Island/Billiard Pendant Light

121922m - 39L Personalized Elvis Island/Billiard Pendant Light

Retail Price: $247.00
Your price: $1,980.00

38"L Motorcycle Oblong Pendant

154966m - 38L Motorcycle Oblong Pendant

Retail Price: $1,701.00
Your price: $1,360.80

40"L Burgundy Island/Billiard Oblong Pendant

27615m - 40L Burgundy Island/Billiard Oblong Pendant

Retail Price: $1,314.00
Your price: $1,091.00

60"L Personalized Michigan Oblong Pendant

145284m - 60L Personalized Michigan Oblong Pendant

Retail Price: $3,375.00
Your price: $2,700.00

33"L Texas Hold'Em Island/Billiard Oblong Pendant

81487m - 33L Texas Hold'Em Island/Billiard Oblong Pendant

Retail Price: $722.00
Your price: $577.80

120"L Prairie Wheat 3 Lt Island/Billiard Pendant

108620m - 120L Prairie Wheat 3 Lt Island/Billiard Pendant

Retail Price: $3,094.00
Your price: $2,475.00

40"L Pool Shark Island/Billiard Oblong Pendant

19204m - 40L Pool Shark Island/Billiard Oblong Pendant

Retail Price: $2,120.00
Your price: $1,695.60

40"L Green Island/Billiard Oblong Pendant

28499m - 40L Green Island/Billiard Oblong Pendant

Retail Price: $1,313.00
Your price: $1,091.00

40"L Tiffany Coca-Cola Island/Billiard Oblong Pendant

74084m - 40L Tiffany Coca-Cola Island/Billiard Oblong Pendant

Retail Price: $1,565.00
Your price: $1,271.80

39"L Billiard & Rack Island/Billiard Oblong Pendant

47976m - 39L Billiard & Rack Island/Billiard Oblong Pendant

Retail Price: $817.00
Your price: $653.40

40"L Personalized Hog's Head Island/Billiard

112803m - 40L Personalized Hog's Head Island/Billiard

Retail Price: $4,223.00
Your price: $3,378.60

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A touch of atmosphere can be added to your pool table by using lighting that will transform a home game room into a designated pool area for some real fun. There are so many different styles and selections of Tiffany pool table lights and stained glass billiard table lights on the market today. This makes it so easy for you to set any mood you want in your game room. Check out decorating with stained glass.

Tiffany Pool table lights are available with anything from a single lamp or up to 4 lamps in a row on a bar You can determine how much light you will need in the room by assessing your overall lighting needs. Choose the correct size billiard table lights or Tiffany pool table lights. Do you have existing overhead lighting already, or Tiffany table lamps? Do you need more direct light or indirect mood lighting? These are all things to consider when choosing your Tiffany pool table lights. 

Tiffany style multi-shade lights or Tiffany style island/billiard ceiling lamps, oblong lights or Rustic Lodge island/billiard lights have always been a popular choice over pool tables. You have several different selections including those deep earth tones that are beautiful and classy or the brighter colors and tones that will add some color and texture to the room.

You have a wide choice island/billiard table lighting with the best prices at Smashing Stained Glass to illuminate pool room and also create a wonderful conversation piece. Browse ceiling lights.

We, at Smashing Stained Glass are dedicated to providing our customers with helpful lighting information, the finest quality ceiling lights at the best prices, unparalleled customer service, support to ensure total and complete satisfaction with every purchase.

Please feel free to: Contact us by email or call us @ Phone Number: 763-350-0293

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