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24"H Tiffany Elizabethan Table Lamp

31117m - 24H Tiffany Elizabethan Table Lamp

Retail Price: $925.00
Your price: $739.80

23"H Diamond Mission Lighted Base Table Lamp

138111m - 23H Diamond Mission Lighted Base Table Lamp

Retail Price: $400.00
Your price: $320.40

23"H Prairie Wheat Table Lamp

31249m - 23H Prairie Wheat Table Lamp

Retail Price: $304.00
Your price: $243.00

24.5"H Tiffany Hanginghead Dragonfly Table Lamp

28527m - 24.5H Tiffany Hanginghead Dragonfly Table Lamp

Retail Price: $799.00
Your price: $639.00

25"H Duffner & Kimberly Viking Table Lamp

108024m - 25H Duffner & Kimberly Viking Table Lamp

Retail Price: $765.00
Your price: $612.00

16"H Ivy Basket Table Lamp

24752m - 16H Ivy Basket Table Lamp

Retail Price: $430.00
Your price: $343.80

25"H Albuquerque Table Lamp

82313m - 25H Albuquerque Table Lamp

Retail Price: $336.00
Your price: $268.20

18.5"H Spiral Grape Accent Lamp

125093m - 18.5H Spiral Grape Accent Lamp

Retail Price: $220.00
Your price: $176.40

27.5"H Middleton Table Lamp

162204m - 27.5H Middleton Table Lamp

Retail Price: $756.00
Your price: $604.80

23"H Tiffany Jeweled Peacock Table Lamp

27563m - 23H Tiffany Jeweled Peacock Table Lamp

Retail Price: $396.00
Your price: $316.80

24"H Elan Table Lamp

78123m - 24H Elan Table Lamp

Retail Price: $372.00
Your price: $297.00

24.5"H Peaches Table Lamp

138116m - 24.5H Peaches Table Lamp

Retail Price: $354.00
Your price: $282.60

30"H Tiffany Peacock Feather Table Lamp

28504m - 30H Tiffany Peacock Feather Table Lamp

Retail Price: $887.00
Your price: $709.20

30"H Tiffany Roman Table Lamp

15409m - 30H Tiffany Roman Table Lamp

Retail Price: $648.00
Your price: $518.40

30"H Tiffany Fishscale Table Lamp

31115m - 30H Tiffany Fishscale Table Lamp

Retail Price: $594.00
Your price: $475.20

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Do you under estimate the true significance of lighting in your daily life? Your fondest memories are formed in a large part thanks to lighting. Think of a beautiful sunny day at the beach or a gathering around a campfire with your family and friends or even a romantic candlelight dinner. The mood and tone of these memories is created in a large part by the lighting.

Many studies have shown that adequate and properly diffused light plays a significant role on your mood. Just try to envision your world without light and how differently you would perceive life itself.

Lighting with Stained Glass Lamps

For mood lighting, nothing can compare to stained glass table lamp shades. Whether it is an accent lamp style Tiffany, stained glass wall sconces or a stained glass floor lamp, or even stained glass ceiling fixtures, the colored glass diffuses the light and makes it pleasing to the eye and relaxing.

The smashing stained glass lamp creations are designed by Meyda Tiffany artisians. The imperfections in glass color and the ornate metal work add character to the lamps. These small details capture light, and scatter it gently into any area, leaving the room awash with shadows, emphasizing textures, and highlighting the beautiful colors.

So the next time you are thinking about adding new light fixtures to your home décor, look no further than Smashing Stained Glass for the timeless grace and sophistication of stained glass lamps. Browse stained glass table lamps.

We, at Smashing Stained Glass are dedicated to providing our customers with helpful lighting information, the finest quality table lamps at the best prices, unparalleled customer service, support to ensure total and complete satisfaction with every purchase.
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At Smashing Stained Glass, we will pay all shipping, handling, and insurance costs for you on your order of stained glass lamps.

For more information go to: How to Use, Choose & Buy Table Lamps 

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