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Stained Glass Ceiling Lights

17"W Nuevo Mission Flushmount

66678m - 17W Nuevo Mission Flushmount

Retail Price: $423.00
Your price: $338.40

21"W Sweet Pea Pendant

48624m - 21W Sweet Pea Pendant

Retail Price: $1,103.00
Your price: $882.00

24"W Tiffany Lotus Leaf Inverted Pendant

166263m - 24W Tiffany Lotus Leaf Inverted Pendant

Retail Price: $1,321.00
Your price: $1,056.60

18"W Moravian Star Beige Iridescent Pendant

12114m - 18W Moravian Star Beige Iridescent Pendant

Retail Price: $401.00
Your price: $320.40

24"W Fleur-de-lis Inverted Pendant

171054m - 24W Fleur-de-lis Inverted Pendant

Retail Price: $3,663.00
Your price: $2,930.40

31"W Tiffany Roman 6 Lt Chandelier

18528m - 31W Tiffany Roman 6 Lt Chandelier

Retail Price: $999.00
Your price: $799.20

22"W Hanginghead Dragonfly Stained Glass Pendant

46584m - 22W Hanginghead Dragonfly Stained Glass Pendant

Retail Price: $855.00
Your price: $684.00

17"Sq Diamond Mission Inverted Pendant

17391m - 17Sq Diamond Mission Inverted Pendant

Retail Price: $410.00
Your price: $327.60

8"W Turning Leaf Mini Pendant

16211m - 8W Turning Leaf Mini Pendant

Retail Price: $162.00
Your price: $129.60

40"L Duffner & Kimberly Italian Renaissance 2 Lt Island Pendant

28517m - 40L Duffner & Kimberly Italian Renaissance 2 Lt Island Pendant

Retail Price: $833.00
Your price: $666.00

30"W Tiffany Autumn Leaf Inverted Pendant

99989m - 30W Tiffany Autumn Leaf Inverted Pendant

Retail Price: $1,262.00
Your price: $1,009.80

20"W Nouveau Cone Pendant

17580m - 20W Nouveau Cone Pendant

Retail Price: $335.00
Your price: $268.20

45"L Tiffany Jeweled Peacock 3 Lt Island/Billiard Pendant

28501m - 45L Tiffany Jeweled Peacock 3 Lt Island/Billiard Pendant

Retail Price: $1,031.00
Your price: $824.40

23.5"W Roseborder Pendant

28671m - 23.5W Roseborder Pendant

Retail Price: $596.00
Your price: $477.00

24"W Elan Semi-Flushmount

14583m - 24W Elan Semi-Flushmount

Retail Price: $1,208.00
Your price: $966.60

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 Enhance the beauty of any room as well as provide illumination with stained glass ceiling lights.
Today, according to the American Lighting Association, lighting trends lead consumers to light fixtures that are both functional and aesthetically appealing.
Gone are the days when practicality held the lighting throne.
Lighting fixtures are now expected to be useful as well as a
decorating accessory.

Don't forget to look up. Beautiful light shining down from a stained glass ceiling light above can put the right accent on any space. Browse the great collection of Tiffany, Mission, Art Nouveau, Prairie styles, Metro fused glass pendants, and more at Smashing Stained Glass to find your perfect lighting fixture. For more ideas go to decorating with stained glass.

Stained Glass Ceiling Lights Categories

Glass ceiling lights are divided into nine categories: chandelierspendants, inverted pendants, mini pendants, oblong pendants,ceiling fan light shades, flushmounts, semi-flushmounts, and island/billiard lights.

Chandeliers have multiple arms and light bulbs. How to choose a stained glass chandelier. View all chandeliers.

Stained glass pendants are hung from the ceiling on a rigid arm or chain. View all pendants.

Lodge flushmount ceiling lights are installed with no space between the ceiling light fixture. View all flushmounts.  A fused glass semi-flushmount is mounted leaving only a small gap between the ceiling and fixture. This offers a more a streamlined look. They are used on ceilings too low for chandeliers or pendants. View all semi-flushmounts.

Stained glass island lights are great accents in your kitchen or over your bar.  Stained glass billiard table lights will add pizzaz to your family room. View all island/billiard lights.

Stained glass ceiling lights in a hallway cast a diffused light. There should be a glass ceiling light every 8-10 feet.  Either flushmounts or semi-flush- mounts can be used depending on the ceiling height. The bottom of the fixture should be at least 7 feet from the floor. 

If you have a long hallway, you may want to install stained glass wall sconces for added light and beauty.  The rule is that sconces are hung roughly 60" from the floor, spaced 6 -8 feet apart along the wall.

We, at Smashing Stained Glass are dedicated to providing our customers with helpful lighting information, the finest quality ceiling lights at the best prices, unparalleled customer service, support to ensure total and complete satisfaction with every purchase.

Please feel free to: Contact us by email or call us @ Phone Number: 763-350-0293

We will pay all shipping, handling, and insurance costs for you on your order of ceiling lights.

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