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Cleaning Stained Glass

Cleaning stained glass regularly maintains its real beauty. Being comprised of several different colors and shapes of glass, the beauty of stained glass depends on the amount of light it receives.

The amount of the light and the direction that it hits the glass can constantly change the appearance of the artwork.

Cleaning stained glass when it becomes dirty, allows the maximum amount of light to pass through it and thus; The beauty of the stained glass is maintained.

Keep your stained glass Tiffany lamps, stained glass panels, Meyda Tiffany floor lampsstained glass ceiling fixtures, and stained glass wall sconces looking their best to show off their original colors.

Cleaning Your Stained Glass

Light dusting with a feather duster or dry cloth is all that is needed.
But, if the stained glass is really dirty or covered with grease and grime.

Follow These Steps:

 Before cleaning any lamp or fixture, disconnect the power source (unplug from outlets).

Cleaning products made of opaque stained glass, art glass, or jadestone, as well as most metal lamp bases and fixture frames, is easy. Apply a small amount of lemon-oil based furniture polish to a soft clean cloth and wipe gently.

 Never apply the polish directly to the piece being cleaned. Cleaning products made of beveled or transparent glass, just apply a small amount of non-ammonia, non-vinegar household glass cleaner to a soft cloth, and wipe the stained glass gently.

 Never use vinegar, ammonia or any acid based cleaner, as this will destroy the cames and solder that is holding the stained glass pieces together.

For fixtures hanging near cooking areas in kitchens, that may have heavy layers of greasy buildup or dirt, Mr. Clean Top Job® works best for cleaning the stained glass. Apply the cleaner to a soft cloth, and wipe gently. After cleaning, reapply lemon-oil based furniture polish to the shade, for best results.

To clean shades made of mica or fabric, wipe gently with a soft, dry cloth or a feather duster.


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